Mission & Vision

Established in 2018, Free Periods Hong Kong (FPHK) is currently the only registered charitable organisation (IR File No.: 91/17421) that focuses on supporting local underprivileged women and girls, people who menstruate and their carers who are experiencing menstruation-related challenges mentally, physically and financially.

In order to ease the problems of period poverty, including limitation on period products, physical and/or mental discomfort, and the lack of knowledge towards their overall wellbeing, we provide those in need with sufficient, appropriate and quality period products, education and emotional support.

Mission: To support individuals in Hong Kong who experience menstruation-related challenges by providing them with menstrual products, education and emotional support.

Vision: To create a society where everyone feels supported and empowered to manage their menstrual health with dignity and confidence.


1. Raise awareness of period poverty in a compassionate and respectful manner

2. Provide menstrual products and education to underprivileged individuals to ease their physical and mental discomfort

3. Educate people about the correct use of period products and promote sustainable options in a non-judgmental way

4. Empower individuals to challenge social stigmas and misunderstandings about menstruation through education and advocacy

5. Promote inclusiveness and open discussions about menstrual health for all genders, ages, and ethnicities in a non-discriminatory manner.


To serve menstruators’ needs by providing essential menstrual products in order to reduce period poverty.


To eliminate shame and harmful misbeliefs surrounding menstruation by organising menstrual education workshops.


To shatter menstrual taboo by participating in the global period positive movement.

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