• Why Free Periods HK?

Menstruators, especially those facing period poverty, often have to sacrifice their hygiene and comfort during menstruation in exchange for financial ease. With the belief that menstruation should not be limiting our life, we wish to provide quality menstrual products alternative of lower cost and relevant knowledge to bring about a free period everyone deserves.

  • Why is period poverty an important issue?

Menstruators facing period poverty are prone to health risks, mental distress and reduced opportunities in life, as they may reduce the quality and exchange frequency of menstrual products to ease their financial difficulties. However, menstrual hygiene products should be treated as a basic human need without the expense of health and dignity, and thus the issue of period poverty should not be taken lightly.

  • Who would be benefitted by your project?

Donations and working opportunities would directly help menstruators with financial needs, including but not limited to CSSA and WFA recipients. Our educational workshop, on the other hand, could help promote proper knowledge of menstruation to anyone who participates!

  • What are accepted for donations?

Currently we accept donations of disposable menstrual pads. Due to hygienic concern, we only accept products in original package, of good storage condition, and never been used.

  • How can we donate menstrual products?

We will be announcing donation points through our social media platforms. Stay tuned!

  • Why not menstrual cups?

Considering the demand to hygiene of menstrual cups and required knowledge of use, we do not accept donations of menstrual cups at this stage.

  • I  want to help! How do I get involved?

There are many ways to help, from purchasing products to funding our project, becoming part of our work as ambassadors or help organising workshops in schools, churches, NGOs etc.! More details can be found here.

  • Can men/non-menstruators participate?

Of course! Everyone should know more about menstruation to build a more compassionate and understanding culture towards it; anyone can help in spreading the knowledge and offering help to the ones in need!

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