1. Buy 1 Give 1

Our Buy 1 Give 1 programme allows customers to provide for low-income groups while purchasing sustainable menstrual products for themselves. Revenue generated from selling sustainable menstrual products will subsidize free products (including but not limited to *reusable cloth pads and #menstrual cups) and education programs provided to our target beneficiaries.

Target beneficiaries: Menstruators with financial needs, including but not limited to CSSA and WFA recipients

*Reusable cloth pads

Reusable cloth pads are made of cotton and TPU fabric and can be used for up to 5 years. Cloth pads sold through Free Periods HK are all produced in collaboration with local NGOs – we recruit low-income women, ethnic minorities and family caretaker through our NGO partners. Our cloth pad producers are equipped with skills through our training and are given an opportunity to realise their potential and participate in the positive menstrual movement.

#Menstrual cups

Ruby Cup, the brand we have chosen for this program, is a social enterprise that does not only produce safe and hygienic menstrual cups, but also sets out to tackle the issue of period poverty. Their cups are made of FDA approved medical grade silicone and can be used for up to 10 years.

We are happy to resell cloth pads and menstrual cup with different shops, if you are interested in helping more menstruators to own their choices, please email hello@freeperiods.hk.

2. Product Donation

We welcome donation of disposable menstrual products to suit the demand of people with different religions, cultural backgrounds and needs. Hand us your extra disposable menstrual products (must be unused, stored in good condition, and in original package), and they will be in the hands of those in need after our careful consideration.

3. Be Our Ambassador

If you wish to know and exchange with menstrual activists from different sectors and backgrounds; if you wish to share knowledge about menstrual health, hygiene, stigma and taboo, don’t hesitate to become our menstrual education ambassador! Apply simply by filling in the application form below (Don’t forget to like and follow our Facebook page!)

We look forward to seeing you!

Apply NOW:

4. Menstrual education at your organisation

We deliver menstrual education workshops for schools, NGOs, churches, community organisations and corporates etc. Join us to raise awareness of period poverty and break taboos around menstruation!

Online application:

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